First-time seller gets big-time results.

Sold his home in Phoenix, AZ to Opendoor

For several years, startup CTO Kirk Morales and his girlfriend, Carissa, called his Phoenix condo home. While the condo was a unique place with a nice yard and attached garage, Kirk and Carissa were ready for an upgrade.

After seeing a TechCrunch piece on Opendoor, Kirk checked out the website and requested an offer. The offer was fair, but Kirk figured he could do even better. He decided to wait a few months and see if he could get more money as the market improved. A few months later, Kirk requested another offer and and got exactly what he was looking for.

“ The process of receiving the offer online, accepting it, signing the purchase agreement – all of those parts that I was able to do digitally were the best.” – Kirk

Having read about the company, he was eager to experience the service firsthand. Kirk’s personal home expert, Mark, provided straightforward, simple answers to every question. From renting back his unit after selling, to clarifying details about repairs, Mark was there to help.

For a busy guy like Kirk, avoiding phone tag and in-person meetings made a real difference. He could keep the process moving on his schedule, and he could do it all from his phone or computer. From offer to close, the whole process took only 3 weeks. Plus, it gave the couple the flexibility and cash they needed to purchase their first single-family home.

With Opendoor, Kirk was able to sell his condo in a simple, satisfying manner. He didn’t have to stress over home showings, listings, flaky buyers, and repairs – and neither should you.

Mark Won supported Kirk Morales during the selling process

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