Bringing a family together under one roof.

Sold their home in Glendale, AZ to Opendoor

After getting married, Lori and Rob had one more house than they needed. With Rob’s eleven-year-old daughter and their two dogs, it wasn’t exactly convenient for the newlyweds to shuffle people in and out for home showings. Plus, keeping the house clean would have required superhuman effort, and there was no guarantee they’d find buyers right away.

Having worked as a real estate agent herself, Lori was all too familiar with the headaches that come with selling a home. One day, she picked up a letter from Opendoor and realized there might be a better way.

“ You do the inspection, get the price, decide if it’s for you, and move as fast as you want. ” – Lori

She requested an offer at, and was delighted when she received one that exceeded her expectations. Better still, she learned that Opendoor would help her skip the tough parts of the process – like showings, listings, and repairs. She decided to give it a try.

From offer to closing, the entire process took only three weeks. Lori’s house was sold, she had the money in her bank account, and she was free to move on to her new life with Rob. After experiencing Opendoor firsthand, the couple is convinced they’ve stumbled upon the future of buying and selling homes. More importantly, the whole family is finally together with one place to call home.

Guy Horgan supported Lori Cain during the selling process

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