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You’ll have a top local agent to advise you on your purchase and a dedicated team to coordinate your purchase with your sale.

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We’ll line up your purchase and sale for a seamless experience. Choose your close date and move once, with a free 3-day Late Checkout.

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Be ready to buy the second you find your dream home, with a competitive, all-cash offer to sell in your back pocket.

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If you’re not in Dallas-Fort Worth, you can still trade in your home when you purchase an Opendoor home. To learn more, email

How it works

Get an offer on your current home.

You can get a free, no-obligation offer to understand your home’s value. We can also connect you to a lender to get pre-approved (or use your own!), so you’ll have the full financial picture to confidently kick off your home search.

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Browse and visit any home on the market with (currently available only in Dallas-Fort Worth). You can filter for homes in your price range and tour homes on demand. When you’re ready to make an offer, you’ll be introduced to an Open Listings agent who will support you as little or as much as you need in the process.

Align timelines for one seamless move.

Your Open Listings agent and Opendoor representative will work together to coordinate the closing logistics of your move, plus you’ll get 3 days of free Late Checkout to give you some more time to move your belongings.

I value my time and sanity, and we thought Opendoor’s offer was very fair. We would not have gotten into our new house if it hadn’t been for Opendoor.

Crystal Cloyd

Traded in to Opendoor - Frisco, TX


What are the steps to trade in my home?

We make it easy for you to sell your current house and purchase your dream home in one effortless experience. Throughout your move, you’ll be supported by a team of dedicated experts.

Here’s how it works:

1. Tell us a bit about your current house and we’ll make a competitive offer to purchase it. We’ll also connect you with a lender so you can purchase your next home with confidence.

2. Once you know how much you can afford, it’s time to find your dream home! You can tour all homes in Dallas-Fort Worth through the Open Listings app, and schedule home tours directly. If you’re visiting an Opendoor home, you can visit any day from 6am to 9pm. When you’re ready to make an offer, you’ll be introduced to an Open Listings agent who will support you as little or as much as you need in the process.

3. Once you’ve found your next home, you can line up your Opendoor sale close date with the date you’ll buy your new home, and skip the double-moves, double-mortgages, and storage units. We even offer a complimentary three-day Late Checkout to give you the time you need to move.

If you’re not in Dallas-Fort Worth, you can still trade in your home when you purchase an Opendoor home. To learn more, email

What is Open Listings?

Open Listings is an all-in-one digital service that makes home buying simple and affordable. Open Listings provides online tools and on-demand expert service to help you find and get into your dream home with ease. When you’re ready to make an offer, a top local agent will be there to support you and make sure it’s just right.

What’s the relationship between Opendoor and Open Listings?

Open Listings is now a wholly owned affiliate of Opendoor. We joined forces to create a simpler, more affordable homebuying process.

What are the benefits of a trade-in?

An Opendoor Trade-in allows you to eliminate all the hassle that comes with buying and selling the traditional way.

When it comes to selling, it means you don’t have to worry about the stressful home showings, exhausting prep work, and months of uncertainty. When it comes to buying, it means you can tour homes on your schedule, find the perfect one, and easily make an offer to purchase it.

The best part is that you’ll have a dedicated team helping you throughout the process. They’ll help you coordinate your closing dates so you don’t have to move twice or pay two mortgages. You’ll also get a three-day complimentary Late Checkout to give you extra time to move your belongings into your new home.

I heard you have a trade-in program with home builders. How does that work?

Selling to Opendoor is the fastest way to your dream home. We work with home builders across the country to provide customers with a smooth transition to their new home.

Here’s how it works:

1. Visit and tell us a bit about your current home, and we’ll make a competitive cash offer to purchase it.

2. If you like the offer, you can sell to Opendoor to skip the stressful home showings and exhausting prep work.

3. Last, we’ll help you sync up your close dates so you can skip the double-moves, double-mortgages and storage units. You’ll even get a complimentary two-day late checkout so that you can have a smooth transition between homes.

Read more about how we can provide you with a fluid transition to your new home at

Can I sell my home to you and buy another if they’re in different states?

Absolutely! While Open Listings is only live in Dallas-Fort Worth, you can buy an Opendoor home in any other market and sell us your current home, provided it is in one of our current markets. You can see the markets we operate in here.

How much time do I have to move my stuff from my old house to the new?

The trade in program comes with a complimentary three-day Late Checkout, which means you can stay in your home for up to three days after you close on the sale. This gives you the flexibility to move your belongings to your new home and get settled. We won’t charge you for these additional days, but we do ask for a $2000 security deposit in case of damages.

What’s the best way to start the trade-in process?

Great question! We recommend starting the process by requesting a free, no-obligation offer for your current home. Your Opendoor offer will help you get an idea of how much you’ll make from your sale, which you can use to determine what you can afford on your next purchase. Whenever you’re ready, you can start shopping for your next home through .

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