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Opendoor brings iBuying to Boise; launches in 4 new markets

Written by
Rob Reiling

March 17, 2021


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Last month, Opendoor expanded its footprint to San Diego, CA and Asheville, NC. Today, as we work on continuing to provide a simple, certain and fast way for homeowners to sell their homes nationwide, Opendoor is now available in more places: Boise, ID; Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point, NC; Killeen, TX and Prescott, AZ.

Today’s expansion builds on our existing presence in Arizona, North Carolina and Texas, and for the first time, homeowners in Idaho will have a new way to sell their home with iBuying.

We know from our recent 2021 National Real Estate and Consumer Trend Report that the pandemic has influenced where homebuyers choose to live, their timeline for moving, and is a major motivator for moving overall. Our report also shows that home sellers want digital options. Based on a recent national survey conducted by Opendoor, 71% of sellers said they were likely to consider selling their home to an iBuyer.

Opendoor provides a competitive, all-cash offer and a digital solution so homeowners can get a stress-free sale without listing. The process is super quick and easy:

  • Free up funds: Get a cash offer and unlock the funds you need to buy your next home.

  • Skip showings and repairs: Skip the showings. If any repairs are needed, you can let us handle the work.

  • Move on your schedule: Choose your close date to avoid double-moves and double‑mortgages.

Interested in selling your home? Get started and request an offer on your home today with Opendoor.

Rob Reiling is the Head of City Operations at Opendoor.

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