Partner Webinar: What’s Behind Opendoor?

February 20, 2020 — Written by Tyler Hixson

W+R Studios CEO Greg Robertson and Opendoor Director of Real Estate Strategy Tyler Hixson

In October, we launched a partnership with W+R Studios, one of the largest providers of market analysis software to the real estate industry. W+R Studios CEO Greg Robertson hosted a webinar with Tyler Hixson, Opendoor’s Director of Real Estate Partnerships & Strategy, to explain the partnership and answer questions from agents. Watch the recording:

Attendees get an inside look at:

  • Opendoor’s business model
  • What Opendoor’s process looks like for your clients
  • How you, the agent, can benefit from working with Opendoor
  • Common misconceptions about Opendoor
  • How the Opendoor and Cloud CMA integration works
  • How you and your clients’ information is protected

Still have questions? Tune into our live webinar series for pro tips on how to win more listings.

Tyler Hixson is the Director of Real Estate Partnerships & Strategy at Opendoor.

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