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How this retired service member sold his home to Opendoor

Reading Time — 3 minutes

April 12, 2021

By Opendoor Team

Reading Time — 3 minutes

April 12, 2021

As we have surpassed the one year mark of the coronavirus pandemic, here at Opendoor, we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that customers like Johnny Op, a retired service member, have a smooth and simple home selling experience.

As a military family, Johnny and his wife are quite familiar with moving often. They started looking to buy a new home right before the pandemic hit, when things came to a halt. And once things started to reopen, they had the opportunity to place an offer on a new build home. We spoke with Johnny about his home buying and selling experience, and how Opendoor helped him and his wife sell their home, after years of service to our country.

How has being a retired military personnel changed how you live and move?

While on Active Military Duty you are offered to live on the military base if there is availability. In areas like Jacksonville, Florida, where there is a high concentration of military personnel, living on base is seldom the option. Some service members opt to rent and others to buy. I purchased a home over 15 years ago to allow my family to settle and mitigate the stress of moving so often. However, we decided not to buy our dream home just yet because of the uncertainty of possibly needing to uproot up my family and move. When I retired, my wife and I started to look for a home. The only issue was that the process became that much harder once the pandemic started.

Why did you decide to try Opendoor?

When starting this process in the height of the stay-at-home orders, we had the opportunity to place an offer on a new build home. The timeline was about four months, but it ended up being quicker than expected so we decided to move forward with an iBuyer. We were interested in Opendoor since it seemed like a simple and new way for us to expedite a typically long, complex process. To me, I felt that this was a true end-to-end experience. It was also the most affordable. It started off with a simple questionnaire and then we immediately received a competitive all-cash offer. Even if we were looking to buy a home through Opendoor as well, your purchase and your sale would line up with one simple trade-in transaction. It saved us the hassle and all the paperwork. Quite honestly, it still seems too good to be true…but it really is!

Realtor vs. Digital?

The biggest draw about the entire process was being able to close on our own schedule and terms. The minute we finalized with Opendoor, we received instant visibility. We did not have to worry about compromising anyone’s safety or health when it came to showings. We were able to nix the traditional model and do it our way — quick, easy, and on our own time. Through this I even referred my friend, who is a Realtor, to Opendoor. He couldn’t imagine why someone in my shoes wouldn’t work with Opendoor because of how easy it is. And, I completely agree.

What would you tell someone else in your position?

If you’re looking for ease, transparency and a really great partner, go with Opendoor. The traditional process is archaic and with Opendoor, it has been hassle-free and simple. My wife and I felt that Opendoor was transparent every step of the way. I would especially recommend Opendoor to other service members, who are constantly on the go and moving so often. We deal with enough stress and uncertainty in our day-to-day, and this is one thing that makes life a little easier. I would not change a thing about this entire process; in fact, some of my neighbors, also Military Veterans, followed our experience and sold through Opendoor too.

At Opendoor, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to our military service men and women. Thank you for your service!

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