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Introducing Opendoor Agent Access

Reading Time — 3 minutes

July 15, 2021

By Will Holmes

Reading Time — 3 minutes

July 15, 2021

NOTE: The below represents the original Agent Access program details. Agent Access Program tiers and terms updated 4/1/2023. Please visit www.opendoor.com/agent-access to review the latest program details.

Since our first partnership with agents over two years ago, we’ve been listening, learning, and building better relationships so we can provide the best possible experience for agents and their clients. We’ve made it a priority to invest in technology and partnerships that help agents focus on their clients’ needs. Today, we’re announcing Opendoor Agent Access, a new program that rewards agents for the transactions they close with Opendoor. Agent Access will not only help agents grow their earnings, but the program will provide training and content to invest in their professional development.

New agent incentives

By signing up for Opendoor Agent Access, agents will gain access to free exclusive training and content to improve their brand, enhance client relations and grow their business. In addition, they will be able to participate in a brand new rewards program by referring sellers to Opendoor. Agents can unlock four levels of incentives based on the number of transactions they refer to Opendoor in a calendar year. This is in addition to any commission they have agreed to with their clients.

Unlocking options for consumers

In the most competitive housing market in a generation, and with record-low inventory and high demand among buyers, homes are flying off the market at a record pace. For the two-thirds of sellers who are also buyers, they have the daunting process of not just selling their home but also finding their next one. And if their purchase is contingent on their home sale closing first, the process can be incredibly slow, stressful and uncertain. In a recent Opendoor survey, 32% of sellers cited finding their next home as a top concern, only second to 36% of sellers who said price was their top priority.

Andi Blackwell, an agent at Keller Williams Portland Central, is all too familiar with this bind and refers to it as a “domino transaction” because one transaction needs to fall—or close—to start the chain.

I recently worked with a client who found their dream home, but their offer was contingent on the sale of their current home. Unfortunately, their buyer’s offer was contingent as well. It was a true domino. About halfway through the process, we got the call everyone dreads: the buyer’s home sale had fallen apart. - Andi Blackwell, Keller Williams Portland Central

Andi is one of the many agents around the country who partner with Opendoor to provide options for their clients. She determined that the buyer’s home was eligible for a cash offer from Opendoor. The buyer was happy with Opendoor’s offer, and Andi’s client was able to close on time. “Opendoor saved the domino,” she says.

Contingent deals can be a headache for everyone involved—they add time and costs that both sides of a transaction may not be able to afford. That’s why many agents turn to Opendoor. Our cash offer helps agents remove contingencies and provide certainty to sellers, who can then shop for their next home with confidence.

As Andi explains, “Being a fiduciary means using every tool you have to help serve your clients. Sometimes that means listing on the open market. And sometimes that means your client’s best option is selling to Opendoor for a fast close that will free up contingencies, minimize people walking through the home, or creatively satisfy another obstacle.”

As we continue expanding into new markets, we look forward to helping even more agents and their clients leverage Opendoor to make one of life’s biggest transactions simple, certain and fast. Agents who are interested in learning more about Opendoor Agent Access can visit opendoor.com/w/agent-access.

For questions email agent-access@opendoorbrokerage.com.

Will Holmes is the General Manager of Agent Growth at Opendoor.

Opendoor’s Agent Access program and all advertising and marketing associated is provided by Opendoor Labs Inc. All commissions are paid through the Opendoor Brokerages.

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