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Opendoor survey: Atlantans prefer root canal over selling their home

Written by
Opendoor Team

October 20, 2017


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Atlanta homeowners would rather get a root canal than sell a home, according to a new survey released by Opendoor. We issued the findings in conjunction with our Atlanta launch. Opendoor makes it dramatically easier for residents to sell or buy a home by moving life’s biggest transaction online.

According to the survey findings, Atlanta residents crave a simpler, more convenient way to sell and buy a home. The research reveals:

Buying and selling a home isn’t easy.

Six out of 10 Atlanta homeowners describe the home buying or selling process as stressful (63 percent) and time-consuming (61 percent). In fact, one-in-four participants say they would rather get a root canal (23 percent) than go through the process of selling a home. Only seven percent said the process was easy.

Getting, and keeping, a home “show” ready are the biggest challenges.

The two most challenging aspects of selling a home for Atlanta residents are getting it ready to sell (65 percent) and maintaining the home for viewing by prospective buyers (47 percent).

More Atlantans would move if selling their home was easier.

Roughly one out of four Atlanta homeowners would move to a bigger house (26%) or a smaller house (21%) if selling their home were easier.

One out of 3 stated they weren’t planning to sell their home in the next year because the hassle and stress of selling their home isn’t worth it (29%).

The buying process is inconvenient.

A majority of Atlanta homeowners agree the most challenging aspects of buying a new home are picking up family’s belongings (54 percent), selling a current home after finding a new one (49 percent), and the actual process of finding a new home (50 percent).

“The research findings confirm Atlanta homeowners are ready for Opendoor,” said David Zanaty, Eastern Division General Manager, at Opendoor. “Our homes mark the chapters in our lives; from our first home, to where we raise our families, to where we move for a new job, to where we retire. We make selling and buying a home remarkably simple and hassle-free, so Atlantans can move on to that next chapter, the minute they’re ready.”

With Opendoor, Atlanta homeowners can skip the hassle of preparing and maintaining their home for showings, and instead, receive a competitive offer from Opendoor within 24 hours. This is in stark contrast to the 56-day average Atlanta residents currently have to wait to receive an offer when selling a home.

Zanaty added, “We don’t start and stop with enabling the transaction. We have home advisors that walk our customers through the process, every step of the way. It’s why thousands of customers have sold homes to Opendoor, and rate the brand experience has high as brands like Apple and BMW.”

Survey Methodology: The survey, commissioned by Opendoor, was conducted online to measure consumer perceptions of the home buying and selling processes. Atlanta-based V&L Research and Consulting, Inc. conducted the survey online among 308 metro Atlanta homeowners, ages 25 and above. All participants were homeowners, with home values ranging from $125,000-$500,000. At the 95% level of confidence, the maximum expected error range for a sample of this size is +/- 5.8%.

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