Introducing Opendoor Trade-in

March 9, 2016 — Written by Jd Ross

Buy a new home and sell your current home in one simple transaction.

Thousands of customers have shared their stories with us over the past year, and it’s become clear that buying a home while selling your current home is a nightmare. With Opendoor Trade-In, we’ve made this process as easy as trading in a car.

Over 50% of sellers are simultaneously buying a new home and the core challenge is that most Americans cannot qualify for two mortgages, forcing homeowners to sell before they can purchase their new home. The current process looks a lot like this: list your home, wait to secure a buyer, hope for the deal to close, search for a new home, line up the close date with multiple parties and wrap things up with rounds of negotiations about which contingencies are reasonable.

Opendoor Trade-In solves this problem, eliminating months of work while saving thousands of dollars. Imagine being able to select a home, pick the move-in date and move.

How it works:
  1. Find a home that you love at
  2. Select a move-in date.
  3. Trade in your home and move in.
We will handle the rest.

The current process is a distraction from the things that matter – moving into your new home. We believe Trade-Ins are the way real estate should work, completely stress-free and on your schedule, and we’re proud to be the first company to make this a reality for homeowners.