Year in review: Celebrating the moves you made in 2018

December 27, 2018 — Written by Joe Gomez

We are more connected than ever, yet people are moving at a rate that is at its lowest since the US Census Bureau began collecting the data in 1946. The trend is astounding.

Why is housing mobility important? To put it simply, it means more options. It’s more lifestyle and career options; more options to be close to the people you care about; more options to meet new people and experience new things.

Our mission at Opendoor is to empower everyone with the freedom to move, and 2018 was an exciting year of progress.

We helped thousands of people move on their own terms.

In 2018, we helped over 10,000 people sell their home and move on to their next chapter of life. Over twenty percent of those people were able to close on their home within a month of accepting their offer. When you sell to Opendoor, you control the timeline, whether you want to move in 10 days or 60 days.

We helped thousands of people find their next home.

Also this year, over 6,000 people moved into an Opendoor home, and over 802,000 toured one of our homes–that’s over 2,000 home visits per day.

You can use our mobile app to unlock any Opendoor home between 6am-9pm any day of the week, no appointment needed. Weekend afternoons were busiest, but in 2018, more people visited our homes on weekdays than on weekends.

Our family of partners grew. We also replaced a lot of carpet.

A common misconception about us is that we don’t support real estate agents. Not only do we work with both buyer and seller agents, but we paid tens of millions in agent commissions in 2018.

We also work with local vendors to service the homes we buy. This year we spent over 100 million in the communities where we operate. In fact, our home ops team replaced over 1 million square yards of carpeting. That’s enough carpet to cover the LA Memorial Coliseum more than 10 times (we just launched in Southern California!).

We expanded to 12 new cities… and counting.

You can now use Opendoor to buy, sell, and trade in your home in 18 cities across the country. In previous years we tested what is still a relatively new real estate experience, but this year, we saw our services expand to diverse markets across the country. We’re growing fast, and we’re hiring.

Open Listings joined the fam. 

In September of this year, Open Listings joined the Opendoor family. Together we’re giving people more certainty, more convenience, and more control over one of the biggest financial transactions they make in a lifetime. Stay tuned as we launch new home buying experiences.

Let’s go 2019!

While there are many factors that influence the ability to move—things like employment, market forces, life events—we hope “the process” isn’t what holds you back. Currently we have over 3,400 Opendoor homes listed across our markets so if you’re thinking of moving in the new year, get an early start. Cheers to movin’ in 2019!

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