How much will I make selling my home?

Exploring the idea of selling your home? Even if you’re just curious, it always helps to have an estimate of your net proceeds.Our home sale calculator helps you account for the costs of a traditional sale so you can get a sense for about how much money you'd make if you sold.

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Cost category

Suggested %

Dollar amount

Real estate agent fees

This can vary, but in many areas agent fees associated with a home sale total 6%.

Staging and home preparation costs

Costs of cleaning, staging, and storage to get your home show ready.

Seller concessions

Home buyers often ask sellers to pay costs on their behalf, such as inspection fees, processing fees, transfer taxes and more. When a seller pays concessions, they usually range between 1% to 3%, but can exceed 5%.

Home ownership and overlap costs

This is an estimate of the additional costs you may pay for owning your home for a longer period of time, including taxes, insurance, utilities, HOA fees, and costs related to overlapping mortgages if your home sale and new property don't close at the same time.

Title, escrow, notary, and transfer tax

This is an estimate of the fees related to title insurance, escrow, recording & notarization, and real property transfer taxes. For sellers, they typically range from 1-3% of the purchase price.

Repairs needed to sell home
Mortgage payoff amount

Disclaimer: This calculator is offered for educational purposes only. All costs are estimates and no guarantee is made that all possible costs have been included.

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