Common Repair Items

Like most buyers, Opendoor will assess your home to identify if repairs are needed. We look for items that are broken, in poor condition, or can affect the safety, structure, or functionality of the home. Below, you’ll find some examples of items we look for. 

This list is not exhaustive, but can give an overview of the types of repairs we may ask for.

Major Systems


Thermostat controls should be in working order.

Equipment should be clean and free from leaks.


Repair Credits will cover:

– Non-functioning HVAC units or distribution sytems

– Unsealed ducting

– Unsealed or broken ducts

– Required maintenance on HVAC units


Roof covering protects the interior of the home from water and other elements. Materials should be in good working condition.


Repair Credits will cover:

– All broken or slipped tiles or caps.

– Any damage to underlayment or evidence of leaks.

– Any missing, wind damaged, or incorrectly installed shingles or nail holes.

– Any damage, cracks, bubbles, or blisters in sealant.

– Anything more than minor ponding water

– Any roof flashings and penetrations that need to be repaired.


Foundation, stemwall & retaining wall must all be structurally sound.


Repair Credits will cover:

– Any implied issue with foundation, e.g. sagging floors, large settling cracks on exterior (1/4 – 1/2 inch or more)

– Cracks in interior floors / walls, significant settling, horizontal cracks in foundation, etc.


As lifting a home to repair the foundation puts significant strain on the plumbing systems and may result in breaks, we may also collect a plumbing contingency to cover the cost of such breaks.

All Other Repairs



The door should be in good condition and hardware should be in working order.


Repair credits will cover:

– Non-functional doors

– Missing weather stripping, threshold, or front door sweep

– Holes or cracks in door requiring a replacement

– Malfunctioning locks and track for sliding glass door

– Replacing non-fire rated, or compromised garage entry doors


Garage should be free of debris. Garage door should be in good condition and operational.


Opendoor will cover:

– Remote control replacement


Repair credits will cover:

– Non functioning garage door or door equipment (including proper safety reversal)

– Large dents or similar cosmetic defects

– Broken coil spring

– Replacement of cantilevered garage doors

– Unsecured or DIY shelving


Vegetation around property should be well-maintained and should not interfere with physical property.


Repair credits will cover:

– Work necessary to bring landscaping to condition of surrounding homes or HOA requirements

– Vegetation causing structural defects to property

– Any trees/shrubbery that is touching the home or roof


If irrigation system exists, it should be functioning without active leaks. Property should be free from drainage defects (including drainage path directing to home foundation).


Repair credits will cover:

– Large drainage defects or holes close to foundation

– High grade (ground covering wood framed wall)

– Malfunctioning or leaking irrigation system


Decks should be structurally sound and should have infill spacing so they are safe for children.


Repair credits will cover:

– Structural deck damage

– Missing infill spacing (support column)

– Water or termite damage

– Anything causing structural integrity issues outside of local code


Fencing should be secure and complete with no missing pickets or leaning sections and mounted solidly without excessive gaps underneath.


Repair credits will cover:

– Large cracks

– Wood rot

– Termites

– Missing planks or blocks

– Peeling paint

– Missing fence where one is required by local code or HOA


Pool should be structurally sound. Pool equipment (such as filters, lights, pumps, heaters, and chlorination and cleaning system) should be in working order.


Repair credits will cover:

– Leaking filter

– Leaky connections

– Broken lights

– Broken or leaking pumps

– Broken salt chlorination system

– Malfunctioning pool pump

– Functional cracks to the plaster

– Bond beam cracks

– Safety compliance


Eaves, sofits, and fascia should be free from water damage and in good repair.


Repair credits will cover:

– Water damage or peeling paint.


Windows should exhibit full structural integrity.


Repair credits will cover:

– Cracked or broken window

– Broken thermal seals

– Broken window lock

Exterior facade

Condition of the exterior body should be in good condition and comparable to surrounding homes.


Repair credits will cover:

– Decomposing or rotting exterior body

– Raw stucco patches or raw wood

– Non-HOA compliant or boldly colored paint


Kitchen Appliances

All appliances should be in working order and free from leaks.


Repair credits will cover:

– Malfunctioning appliances

– Severe cosmetic deficiencies

Sinks & Faucets

Sinks and faucets should flow and be free from leaks. Overflows should be in working order


Opendoor will cover:

– Dirty sinks and faucets


Repair credits will cover:

– Unsecured sinks

– Leaky or broken faucet

– Reversed hot & cold

– Malfunctioning overflows

Bathtubs & Showers

Bathtubs and showers be in working order and should be free from leaks.


Repair credits will cover:

– Leaky or broken fixtures

– Reversed hot & cold

– Non-functioning shower doors (including tracks and hardware)

– Missing or excessively dirty grout

– Excessively dirty shower

Walls, Ceilings & Baseboards

Walls and ceiling should be structurally sound and free from holes, cracks, and water damage. Baseboards should be in good condition.


Opendoor will cover:

– Patch nail holes


Repair credits will cover:

– Cracks/holes, water damage, peeling paint

– Painting over bold colors, patterns, and mural

– Damaged baseboards


Flooring may show wear from gentle use, but should be free from obvious defects.


Repair credits will cover:

– Tears in carpeting

– Heavily damaged or stained flooring


Home should be free from significant odors such as smoke and pet-related odors.


Repair credits will cover:

– Replacement of carpet when required to deodorize the home

– Replacement of paint when required to deodorize the home

– Smoke/pet odor fogging and subfloor treatments


Cabinets should be in good condition and hardware should be in working order.


Repair credits will cover:

– Damaged cabinets

– Missing hardware

– Malfunctioning or misaligned cabinet doors or drawers


Countertops should be in good condition.


Repair credits will cover:

– Damaged, chipped, or cracked countertops

– Missing or excessively dirty grout


Closet door and hardware should be in working order. Shelving units are properly secured.


Repair credits will cover:

– Damaged or missing closet doors

– Malfunctioning track for sliding door

– Unsecured shelving units


Smoke Detectors

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be in working order and less than 10 years old.


Opendoor will cover:

– Smoke detector batteries

– Replace dated but functioning smoke detectors


Repair credits will cover:

– Missing or broken smoke detector

– Broken carbon monoxide detector (only for homes with gas)

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers should be in working condition. They should be in rooms as required by code.


Repair credits will cover:

– Adding breaker outlets to kitchens, baths, and exteriors as required

– Wiring should be correctly installed.


Not Zinsco/Sylvania GTE or Federal Pacific brands. These are brands known to have defects and recommended by the government to be replaced.


Repair credits will cover:

– Replace any defective brand panels


Overcurrent protection should be operational.


Repair credits will cover:

– Repair double taps or damaged breakers

Water Heater

Water heater should be in good working condition, free from leaks, and exposed pipes should be insulated.


Repair credits will cover:

– Leak or corrosion at supply valve, TPR valve, and/or lines

– Replacement of leaking Water Heater tanks.



Home should be free from significant pest infestations (termites, roaches and pigeon activity on roof)


Repair credits will cover:

– Evidence of persistent pest problem (e.g. termites, rodents)


Trusses should be structurally sound.


Repair credits will cover:

– Insulation is sufficient to meet local code requirements

– Trusses are in good shape and not cracked or damaged

– Excessive trash left in the attic


Home should not have significant personal items or trash left behind by the seller.


Repair credits will cover:

– Excessive personal items or trash left behind (more than 1 cubic yard)

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