Real estate tips, trends and insights for home buyers and sellers

Opendoor is now live in Los Angeles

Local homeowners can now easily and conveniently buy, sell, or trade-in their home with a few clicks online.

New Opendoor partnerships provide consumers with more options

Today, we’re excited to announce two additional home builder partners.

4 property types to know

Weighing the pros and cons of different property types

There are four main types of homes. This guide can help you narrow in on the right type of property for you.

Opendoor now serving Salt Lake City home sellers

Local homeowners can now request a free, no-obligation offer at

52 essential real estate terms you should know

Taking time to understand the real estate vocabulary can help you to better prepare for a swift transaction.

Reflections on Grace Hopper Celebration

Two of our engineers share how the largest gathering of women technologists globally shaped their perspective.

Building a world-class executive team and board of directors

I'm excited to announce the addition of new leaders to the Opendoor executive team and board of directors.

Opendoor partners with W+R Studios to create more choice for agents and home sellers

We’ve announced a partnership with one of the largest providers of market analysis software for real estate.