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Introducing Opendoor Complete

Sell, buy, and close with ease. Move once.

Sell, buy, and close with ease. Move once.

Sell with certainty

Get an instant offer so you know how much you could put towards your next home. No showings. No repairs.

Make your strongest offer

Buy your next home with an offer that stands out because it's backed by our cash and competitive terms.

Avoid double moves/mortgages

Line up your close dates so you don’t get stuck paying two mortgages or moving twice.

See why customers love Opendoor

The Bennett family standing on their driveway in front of their car.

"We found a home that we loved. Our bid wasn’t the highest, but it stood out to the seller because Opendoor backed the offer."

The Bennetts

Atlanta, GA

Julia Doumbia and daughter on the porch in front of their home.

"We just couldn't believe it was as easy as it was. With the Opendoor process, we knew exactly how much money we were going to be able to put into our new house. We didn't have to put in a contingent offer. We were just able to say we're ready to go."

Julie Doumbia

Portland, OR

Family using Opendoor dot com to find their next home and sell their current one.

How it works

Get an offer on your home

Sell your home directly to us. Confirm a few details about your home, and we’ll make you a preliminary offer in minutes.

Find your next home

Get a pressure-free tour of any home on the market. Tour with a member of our team or over a video call.

Make an offer

Once you find the perfect home, we’ll help you make an offer backed by our cash, so it stands out against the competition.

Close on your schedule

When your offer gets accepted, we’ll help coordinate your closing dates, so you don’t pay for 2 mortgages or 2 moves.

Have questions? We're here to help.

Even if you’re just exploring the idea of selling or buying a home, we’re here to talk through your options. It’s always pressure-free.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the catch?

There isn't one. When you sell a home the traditional way, you generally pay agent fees. Similarly, when you sell your home directly to Opendoor, you pay a 5% service charge that enables us to give you a certain, stress-free sale.

When you’re ready to buy, there is no additional cost to have your offer backed by Opendoor. If there is a financing issue and we need to buy the home for you, then you won’t be eligible for any other Opendoor incentives (like our buyer refund).

What’s the benefit of an Opendoor-backed offer?

Sellers love certainty. Offers that rely on financing are risky for sellers because there's always a chance they could fall through.

And your offer is less attractive to sellers if it depends on other things — like getting that mortgage or selling your current house (also called contingencies).

Opendoor removes the contingencies that sellers dislike. And we back your financed offer with our cash, which means that if you run into a problem with your financing, we can buy it for you — making your offer as strong as cash.

Can I use my own lender or do I have to finance with Opendoor Home Loans?

We can back your offer with our cash no matter which licensed mortgage lender you choose to work with. If you use an FHA or VA loan, your lender may want a higher down payment. Chat with them for more information.

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