From stuck to seven bedrooms

Sold her home to Opendoor in San Antonio, TX

Debbie Powell didn’t know what she was going to do. As the single mother of four adopted children and two foster children with special needs, her house was bursting at the seams. She needed to have a new home built, and fast. The problem was that she was going to have to sell her current home first to secure a loan. She was stuck.

“ I was starting to feel lost,” she said, thinking back to the conversation with her lender. Her kids were becoming teenagers and she knew that her family was rapidly outgrowing their San Antonio home. “The kids were crammed in there like sardines. ” – Debbie

She had plans to build a new, seven-bedroom home for the whole family, but unfortunately, her lender wasn’t able to qualify her for the loan until she came up with the money from her sale. That meant she needed to sell, and she needed to do it quickly.

In the midst of all this, Debbie happened to see a commercial for Opendoor that piqued her curiosity. Opendoor would purchase her home without her having to list it on the market? It sounded like exactly what she needed. In fact, it almost sounded too good to be true.

“I needed something solid and fast that was going to get me where I needed to be. It sounded like it was all going to fly by pretty quickly,” she said.

She visited, answered a few questions about her home, and was happy to discover that she’d received a cash offer just a few days later. Better still, she found that the offer was competitive and comparable to what she expected to make listing the home. The big difference was that selling with Opendoor would be fast and hassle-free.

Opendoor was unlike anything Debbie had ever heard of. She had a few questions about the process, so she got in touch with Aubrey, her Opendoor Home Advisor.

“I talked with Aubrey and she reassured me. I was asking, `Do I leave the blinds? Do I have to go around and paint everything?` She guided me through the process and told me not to do more work than I had to.”

Debbie learned that she’d be able to sell her home without doing any of the exhausting prep work and home showings that come with a traditional sale. That was music to her ears, since keeping a home clean and show-ready with six kids isn’t easy.

She moved forward with Opendoor and within just a few weeks she closed on the home and had the money in her bank account. Once she had the proceeds from her sale to Opendoor, she was able to secure the loan for her new home. She called her lender and he was astonished. He couldn’t believe that she’d sold her home so quickly.

“It was like a miracle,” Debbie said. “It just got me out of worrying about everything and wondering what I was going to do.”

Throughout the selling process, Aubrey kept in touch with Debbie to keep the sale moving smoothly. She even helped Debbie adjust her move date when the closing date for the new home changed on short notice. That allowed Debbie and the kids to stay in the home for a bit longer, and made the transition much smoother. For Debbie, it helped to have someone to talk to.

“The quality of service was just exceptional,” she said. “Beyond my expectations. It felt like I was family.”

This was the fourth time Debbie sold a home, and she couldn’t believe how fast and painless it was. In fact, she told friends, neighbors, and family about the experience. Everyone wanted to know how she’d sold her home so quickly. A few, including Debbie’s daughter, were so impressed that they decided to try Opendoor for themselves.

Who knows, maybe we’ll be telling their stories next.

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